Karatzas Marine Advisors and Co.

Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. is a well-established, international maritime consulting and shipping finance advisory firm providing shipping market expertise to financial institutions and active in ship brokerage, financial advisory and private placements, vessel valuations and appraisals. The firm is headquartered in the Financial District in Manhattan but maintains a world-wide footprint, the firm have represented private and publicly-traded shipowners and provided maritime expertise to institutional investors, lenders and lessors for both Jones Act assets but also international flag assets.


A.S. Marine Ltd.

A.S.Marine Ltd was foundend in 2005 by Stella Alexia Mantzaris and is a broking company in the field of Marine Insurance. The forming of A.S.Marine Ltd was followed by an exclusive Co-operation / representation of Arthur J.Gallagher (Uk) Ltd, one of the four largest risk management and insurance broking companies in the world and one of the leading marine specialists in both the London and International marketplace. Apart from Miss Stella Alexia Mantzaris who has an extensive shipping background with Maritime studies and twelve years of working experience in shipping companies, our team comprises 5 dedicated Marine insurance personnel and 1 technical consultant in the Greek office and 26 qualified P&I/ H&M personnel, (excluding claims staff) in the London office of AJG. A.S.Marine Ltd was created in order to respond to the ever increasing needs of the Greek Shipping Industry. Our commitment is to offer a competitive advantage to our clients by obtaining the right cover at the right price. We believe that every client, no matter how large or small, is important and we aim to provide tailored solutions to meet all of their needs. Our large portfolio enables us to fully appreciate prevailing market trends in both the shipping and insurance markets and to react to changes in those markets quickly and efficiently. The difference between the standard terms and those that are ultimately achievable is often considerable and part of the broker’s value is in knowing both what is out there and how best to obtain it. Our constant contact with the ship as a physical entity and the good knowledge of her operation, enables us to deeply understandhe problems and implications that might occur in the relation amongst vessel Owners – Charterers – Underwriters. Claims management and the payment of claims are the ultimate test. We have invested heavily in developing a specialist claims team, dedicated to supporting our clients. Areas of expertise include: - Hull and Machinery / Increased Value / Mortgagees’ Interest - War Risks - Kidnap and Ransom - Protection & Indemnity / FD&D - Loss of Hire - Marine Liability: Ship builders-repairer’s liability / Marina operator’s liability / Charterers’s Liability/ Wharfinger’s and Stevedore’s liability - Certificates of Financial Responsibility - Ports & Terminals - Cargo & Stock throughput



Kyvernitis Travel S.A. is one of the largest privately owned travel management companies in Greece, specializing in marine, corporate and luxury travel. With over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, Kyvernitis Travel S.A. has developed a proactive and strategic partnership with its clients, providing tailored solutions to leading shipping companies, multinational corporations and high net worth individuals from Greece and abroad. We recognize that our client's travel needs, however complex, should be met with the highest level of customer care. For this reason, we always work closely with our clients to create a travel management program that fits their organizational culture and their business or personal needs. We currently employ over 60 talented and highly-trained staff, working in small dedicated teams organized around four specialist areas: • Global Marine, providing dedicated transportation to officers and crew in the Shipping and Marine industries. • Travel Management, offering corporate travel management services to large corporations and medium sized companies. • Unique Destinations, focusing on leisure and luxury travel, worldwide. • Eclectic Greece, offering luxury Destination Management Services to individuals.


LAROS – Prisma Electronics

Prisma Electronics S.A. is a leading innovator in ICT, Knowledge Management Solutions and Electronics for Industrial, Aerospace and Defense applications. Founded in 1991 Prisma Εlectronics has more than 20 years of experience in research and development of new solutions, collaborating with ESA, AIRBUS DS and CERN. Today international operations are supported by branches in London (UK), New York (USA), and Athens (GR). Prisma invested in research to understand the maritime challenges and developed an advanced Internet of Ships Platform for a smarter, safer and greener Ship and Fleet Performance Management. LAROS is the only integrated system based on a powerful platform that provides real-time data analytics for fleet and vessel efficiency, honoured with the prestigious Lloyd’s Award for Technical Excellence. LAROS system is a proven mature solution, with more than 200 installations on vessels worldwide, enabling data-driven decisions. Results, so far indicate that Reliable Data through LAROS platform contribute in an optimization of fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs.


IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry

International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) provide administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime and Corporate Registries. The RMI Registry is the second largest registry in the world, surpassing 156 million gross tons and 4,280 vessels at the end of December 2017. IRI has a network of 28 worldwide offices that have the ability to register a vessel, including those under construction, record a mortgage or financing charter, incorporate a company, issue seafarer documentation, and service clientele. The most important asset to the Registry is its customers and IRI strives to provide them with full service from any office, 24 hours a day.


Intelligence, Trade & Consultancy Maritime Inc

Intelligence, Trade & Consultancy Maritime Inc (“ITCM”) is a prime shipbroking firm, proudly serving the world’s leading Greek Maritime Shipping Industry. ITCM’s mission is to provide to its prominent clientele the optimum platform for intelligent sale & purchase trading and profitable investment management of ocean-going commercial vessels. Maritime shipping’s investments are exposed to macro risks, derived from geopolitical developments and global economic turns, which severely affect the micro performance of the ship-owning companies. In addition, the imbalances of the supply-demand scale for tonnage, the continuous regulatory reforms on seaworthiness, the remodeling of the shipping finance and the highly fluctuating commodities and energy prices are some of the industry-specific challenges requiring thorough observation, analysis and evaluation, while investing, or, managing investments in maritime shipping assets. In order to serve such an inspiring mission ITCM employs highly educated professionals, continuously invests in cutting edge technology and maintains a global network of distinctive associates, which compose the company’s integrated solution to Greek Maritime Shipping Industry. Since its inception, through a solid track record of transactions, ITCM has managed to build loyal clientele and to provide valuable research and advisory services to the industry practitioners. ITCM executives would be honoured to discuss your investment plans on maritime shipping assets.



VesselBot is a software enabled chartering marketplace that brings strategic, operational and financial benefits to Ship Owners and Charterers within the Dry Bulk Maritime Industry. Through the usage of technology VesselBot enables its users to identify the best possible counterparty, utilizing the least company resources, at a significantly lower cost in comparison to traditional chartering houses. VesselBot’s platform offers to the stakeholders of the shipping industry the opportunity to jump on board and take advantage of the advanced technologies which will enable them to expedite a cost-effective process in seconds opposed to days, giving better, transparent and more up to date results.


Πan Λogos Φoundation

Pan Logos Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization founded on the ideals of Hellenism. Based in New York City, our foundation is dedicated to the betterment of hu¬manity through the preservation of the Hellenic language, through education and the promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange. Our mission is to provide oppor¬tunities for the “Pursuit of Excellence” through Hellenic Education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our philosophy is philosophy -- the love and pursuit of wisdom -- and we endeavour to make this philosophy available and accessible to all. Our programs are carefully crafted to reflect our com¬mitment to the values of having healthy minds in healthy bodies (“ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΕΙ”) and living well (“EY ZHN”). They consist in various educational activities and professional development initiatives centred on the Hellenic language (both modern and ancient), culture, arts, and philosophy, and aimed at fostering the ancient and lasting ideal of Ethos. It is the cultivation of this Ethos that will help us and future generations navigate a beautifully diverse world with awareness, acceptance, and admiration -- all necessary for achieving the harmony so highly es¬teemed by the ancient Hellenes. Drawing on the wisdom of our Hellenic heritage, and bringing the past in dialogue with the present, we can inspire a happier, healthier humanity for today and the future.


The Writing Fields - Flex Book

Our company was originally founded as “Chasapakis Bookbinding INC” in 1960, by book binding artist Theodoros Chasapakis in Athens Greece and has been active in the areas of traditional and artistic bookbinding, since. In 1994 the company was passed on to the new generation, Grigoria and Dimitris Chasapakis, who without denying the traditional business of bookbinding, decided to focus mainly on creating brand name products that would appeal both to the b2b and the consumer markets. In order to emphasize its new orientation towards the marketing and branding of its products for the global markets, the company was named: “The Writing Fields” to symbolize the total experience of handwriting. Meanwhile, after 2 years of research and with decades of experience in the bookbinding technologies, Dimitris Chasapakis discovered a new method which provides unique strength and flexibility to the binding of books, diaries and notebooks and he named it Flexbook. With an emphasis on materials and design, Flexbook was so different and unique that it quickly took off internationally as a global brand and The Writing Fields was able to create international interest for its products. In order to further boost sales abroad, the company is now in the process of developing a global sales network. The evolution of the company has been extremely rapid and today it is a modern vertically organized publisher and bookbinder with a leading position, in this market niche, in Greece. Concentrating mainly in the area of writing products and business gifts, The Writing Fields invests in innovation, with the goal of creating products for the global market. How inspiring is it to know that a poet from South Korea opened his heart to you and a woman from New York just offered you a peek view of her dreams. With an extensive presence in 24 countries and some of the best stores in the world, Flexbook and TWF products offer new characteristics that make them unique, along with a modern design that has been totally loved by those who appreciate the magic of handwriting.


CONEQ Hellas

CONEQ Hellas was established in September 2014, primarily with a view to covering the needs of CONEQ Conference Equipment Ltd customers in Greece and Europe. It specializes in the provision of technical and audiovisual services in conferences. Since its establishment, it has successfully rendered its services in different cities all over Europe (Sofia, Florence, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Budapest and Barcelona), always relying on its specialized personnel and its advanced equipment, which complies with the highest international standards. CONEQ Hellas applies a security management system and respects all relevant regulations.


QUANT LAB Private Capital Co.

QUANT LAB Private Capital Co specializes in audit, accounting, and business consulting services in Greece and abroad. Over years of successful operation, Quant Lab has built an outstanding performance record among its clients. Today the Consultant capitalizes the know-how of both team members and partners, counting substantial and diversified experience, marked by a “client focused” business model and targeted tailor made solutions. Utilizing a highly regarded workforce with specialized knowledge and expertise, all efforts are placed to ensure that clients’ expectations are always exceeded. Holding a longitudinal and multi-layered experience, spanning from the design to the implementation and operation of complex infrastructure investment plans of public and private organizations in Greece and abroad, Quant Lab moves beyond the ordinary and offers turnkey solutions.

Infobank Hellastat

Infobank Hellastat SA (IB.HS) with 30 years of presence in the Greek market is one of the leading financial and commercial information providers specialized in Credit Risk. As a Member of the global business information network of FEBIS and exclusive partner of Credit Safe in Greece, IB.HS is providing substantial assistance to executives who take important decisions on economic and commercial issues in Greece or abroad. In response to the constantly changing financial environment, we invest in the speed and quality of our customer service from an online platform and we have won the trust of the majority of companies from all sectors of the Greek economy. Offering flexible solutions for analysis of financial statements, credit rating, transactional behaviour, studies of economic sectors and tools of finding potential customers, IB.HS is the partner you can trust for a strategic planning, implementation and monitoring your financial and trade policies.


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