Dr. Konstantinos Galanis

Director of Operations, Dido Shipping Co SA
Lecturer Hellenic Management Centre - ICS Greek Branch

Dr. Konstantinos Galanis has 27 years of professional experience. Director of Operations at Dido Shipping Co SA (a worldwide leader in green ship recycling also involved in Asset Play & Ship Management) and Lecturer at Institute of Charterer Shipbrokers, Hellenic Branch teaching Maritime Economics. He is a Commander (ret.) of the Hellenic Navy, Educational Counselor and member of Impact & Crashworthiness Lab for MIT and Founder of Shipping for Kids.

Ηolds three graduate degrees from MIT, namely MSc in Ocean Systems Management, Naval Engineer and PhD in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Applied Mechanics (the first non-American active duty Officer to receive such title in the history of MIT). He has taught for several years courses related to Naval Architecture & Marine Hydrodynamics. He is a member of ABS European Technical Committee and ClassNK Greek Technical Committee. He has published several papers at International Journals, Conferences and events and has written several technical reports, projects and a book.

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