Christos Giordamlis

Prisma Electronics S.A.

Born in Alexandroupoli in 1966, Christos Giordamlis studied Electrical Engineering as well as Management & Marketing. Since 1996, he has been the CEO of Prisma Electronics S.A., and a board member of several enterprises focusing on new technologies.

He has been elected President of the Association of Industries and Small Industries of Evros as well as President of the Network of Associations of Industries and Manufacturing Firms of Border Areas.

Since its launch in 1991, Prisma Electronics has carried out hundreds of works in the areas of: IT solutions for industries and businesses in Thrace; IT for public entities in Thrace (municipalities, hospitals and tertiary education institutes); design and implementation of MAN, WAN, Fiber, Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet networks in enterprises and public organisations of the area; software development and implementation of ERP-CRM, MRP, e-business, cost analysis, accounting systems, programming; personnel management systems, website development; internet applications; mobile applications; design and production of electronic circuits; quality control systems and production of electronics for the Leopard 2, for the Mirage 2000-5, etc.

Christos is actively involved in the development of Prisma Electronics S.A. products that focus on knowledge management. Among them,: PrismaSense IoT (Internet of things), which uses smart-sensor network technology; LAROS, which enables the remote monitoring of vessels focusing on low consumption as well as prognosis and early warning; and XENAGOS, which synthesizes and produces context-aware visitor experiences and guided tours.

He leads the research projects of Prisma Electronics S.A. and is responsible for the cooperation with foreign organisations, including Airbus and CERN.

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